advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques

december 12-14 and 17, 2011 | buenos aires, argentina

application deadline: september 30, 2011

The New Trends in Advanced Fluorescence Techniques course will be held at:
Laboratory of Structural Biology
Department of Biological Chemistry
School of Science
University of Buenos Aires
Pabellón 2, 4to. Piso. Ciudad Universitaria
(C1428EHA) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel: 0054 11 4576 3300/09, ext. 205
Fax: 0054 11 4576 3342

Arrival Information:

Most international flights arrive at the Ezeiza International Airport (Ministro Pistarini) while domestic flights arrive at Aeroparque. Currency can be exchanged in the airport at Banco Nacion. Teller machines are available and work with most major credit cards. Public phones are either coin- or card-operated. Cards are available at the airport. You can also dial #19 to make a collect call. A bus company (Manuel Tienda Leon) offers transportation to downtown Buenos Aires at $ar 50. The ride takes about 40 minutes. The ticket stand at Manuel Tienda Leon company is the first stand after you exit customs. There is also a public transportation bus that serves downtown Buenos Aires at a cheaper rate, but we do not recommend it if you carry a significant amount of luggage. If you do take this bus, we recommend the differential service (signaled by a D behind the windshield). Taxi fares from the airport are about $ar 150-200.


The University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria) is served by bus lines 28, 33, 37, 42, 45, 107, and 160. Some buses end their route before reaching the university campus. Only those with the special sign "Ciudad Universitaria" behind the windshield serve the school site. You should get off the bus at the first stop inside campus. All bus routes end at their third stop inside campus. The bus fare ($ar 1.25) must be paid onboard using coin-operated ticket machines. You do not need to pay the exact fare, but you must pay with coins (the driver will not provide change).

Departure Information:

A bus company (Manuel Tienda Leon) offers transportation from downtown Buenos Aires to Ezeiza International Airport at $ar 50. The ride takes about 40 minutes. The bus terminal is in Av. Santa Fe 790. Passengers can request to be picked up from the hotel at no extra charge to the following phone numbers 4314-3636; 4315-5115; 0800-7770078.

Hotel Information

Highly Recommended

Ker Belgrano Hotel
Vuelta de Obligado 2727
Tel: (54 11) 4789 9383

Cristal Palace
Ciudad de la Paz 2550
Tel: (54 11) 4786 1700

Cabildo Suites Apart Hotel
Av. Cabildo 1950
Tel: (54 11) 4780 1900

Hotel Sarum
Quesada 2370
Tel: (54 11) 4704 0039

Hotel Mordomo
Ciudad de la Paz 2942
Tel: (54 11) 4544 2711

Hotel Impala
Libertad 1215
Tel: (54 11) 4816 0430

Hotel Embajador
C. Pellegrini 1181
Tel: (54 11) 4326 5302

Ayacucho Palace Hotel
Ayacucho 1408
1111 Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Tel/fax: 54 11 4806-1815/0943

Hotel Bel Air
Arenales 1462
Tel: (54 11) 4021 4000

Prince Hotel
Arenales 1627
c10611bb Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Tel/fax: 54 11 4811-8004

Alfa Hotel
Riobamba 1064
Tel: (54 11) 4812 3719

El Castillo
M. T. De Alvear 1893
Tel: (54 11) 4813- 2048

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Argentina and Buenos Aires are located in the southern hemisphere, so seasons are opposite of the northern hemisphere countries. Therefore, the summer (and hot) period in Argentina is in December.

Temperatures in Buenos Aires during this month are usually between 20 C° and 30 C° (77° F and 86°F).

Check the current weather.


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