The Fluorescence Foundation is the non-profit educational branch of ISS. Through the foundation, ISS organizes workshops and courses aimed at fostering applications of fluorescence techniques in biology, biochemistry, the life sciences, and the material sciences. The courses are open to students, academic professionals and scientists working in the industry; while some courses cover the basic principles of fluorescence, other advanced courses are focused on the latest developments in fluorescence microscopy and their applications to research.

The Fluorescence Foundation has held courses for over 10 years in multiple cities such as Genova (2003-2009), Buenos Aires (2007, 2011), Rio de Janeiro (2009), Madrid (2009-2010), Chicago (2008-2011), Ann Arbor (2014), and recently in Urbana-Champaign (2012-2016) and Concepción (2016).

Upcoming courses

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