principles of single molecule techniques

october 13-14, 2014 | ann arbor, michigan

Dr. Beniamino Barbieri Prof. Keith Berland Prof. Joerg Bewersdorf Prof. Brent Krueger Prof. Sua Myong Prof. Nils Walter

Dr. Beniamino Barbieri | ISS, Inc. | President | 1602 Newton Dr. | Champaign, IL 61822 | USA | Tel: 217-359-8681 |

Prof. Keith Berland | Emory University | Department of Physics | 400 Dowman Dr, Suite N202 | Atlanta, GA 30322-2430 | Office: N224 Math & Science Center | Phone: (404) 712-9061 | Home Page |

Prof. Joerg Bewersdorf | Yale University |

Dr. Bewersdorf joined the department of Cell Biology as an Assistant Professor in 2009 coming from The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where he lead a research group since 2005. Before, he had trained and worked with Dr. Stefan W. Hell at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Goettingen, Germany, for 8 years. Dr. Bewersdorf received his Master's degree (Dipl. Phys.) in 1998 and his doctoral degree in physics (Dr. rer. nat.) in 2002, both from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

An optical physicist/biophysicist by training, Dr. Bewersdorf has been a long-time contributor to the emerging field of novel super-resolution light microscopy techniques. More recently, he has expanded his research interests to the application of these new technologies and the biophysical interpretation of their data.

Prof. Brent Krueger | Hope College | Chemistry Department | Science Center Rm. 2120 | 35 E. 12th St. | Holland, Michigan 49422-9000 | Phone: (616) 395-7629 |

The primary focus of his lab is the development of a new methodology that combines computational modeling with time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular biology. He utilizes peptides, short stands of DNA, and a small protein called lysozyme as model systems, and investigates the behavior of a number of different fluorescent probes. The different probes are attached through a combination of chemical and genetic methods, which are mainly performed at Hope College. For more information check out Dr. Krueger's Home Page.

Prof. Sua Myong | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Bioengineering Department | 1304 W Springfield Ave | Urbana, IL 61801 | Phone: (217) 244-6703 | Home Page |

Prof. Nils Walter | University of Michigan | Department of Chemistry | 930 N. University | Ann Arbor, MI | 48109-1055 | Phone: (734) 615-2060 | Home Page |